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Alcalá de Henares

Is a  town  Spanish  belonging to the  Community of Madrid . Its municipal area extends over the natural region of  La Campiña , although part of it extends over  The Alcarria . It has a population of 195,982 inhabitants ( INE  2021), and an area of 87.99 km². twoThe  Alcalá region , which acts as its metropolitan area, brings together nearly 800,000 inhabitants and a surface area of 1,421 km².

It is located in the  Henares river basin , to the east of the province.

In turn, Alcalá de Henares is the head of the judicial district of the same name and episcopal seat of the  Complutense Diocese . He was the head of his Community of Villa and Tierra.

Its name means «castle on the river  Henares », for which reason a castle appears on the shield on waves of water that simulate the Henares river. Its foundation dates back to the Celtiberian era (Ikesankom Kombouto or Iplacea) but it was with the arrival of the Romans that a remarkable city called  Complutum . Several cultures have passed through the city, of which three came to coexist simultaneously.

It was declared a World Heritage City by the  unesco  in 1998. Thanks to the historic site and the rectory of the  Universidad , is one of the nine cities in Spain that  unesco  has been classified as unique. She is famous for  its University , built thanks to the  Cardinal Cisneros  on April 13, 1499, but after languishing during the eighteenth century, through the Royal Order of the  queen regent  of October 29, 1836, its suppression was decreed in Alcalá and transfer to Madrid, where it was renamed  Central University . It emerged with its current status in 1977, when the phenomenon of university decentralization took place and it became its own university, which once again made it a university city.

The word that undoubtedly defines this beautiful city is: culture, with more than 2000 years of history, it is located in the old Complutum  Roman. Streets where Miguel de Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote de la Mancha, was born.

That is why we have considered paying homage to this city with the first contest of  lyrical song that bears his name.

Alcalá de Henares will receive singers from all over the world, showing off its architectural beauty, its landscapes, its history and its hospitality.

The city of knowledge will become the world center of poetry.

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